OECD COP28 Virtual Pavilion


Piotr Czarnocki

Ministry of Climate and Environment in Poland

Department of European Funds


A graduate of Interfaculty Environmental Studies at the University of Warsaw and Project Management at the Warsaw School of Economics. Currently serving as a counselor in the Department of European Funds at the Ministry of Climate and Environment in Poland. He has gained extensive expertise by collaborating with the Ministry of Climate and Environment in Poland. His areas of activity encompass the implementation of ISPA and UE Cohesion Funds projects (water and sewage, waste sector) as well as shaping climate policy in Poland. He actively contributed to the preparation of legislative changes related to climate change adaptation in Poland. Previously, he held the position of Head of Unit at the Polish Ministry of Climate and Environment, focusing on climate change adaptation. He led the project "Development of Climate Change Adaptation Plans for Polish Cities with Over 100,000 Inhabitants (MPA)". Currently, he focuses his efforts on programming the EU Funding Perspective 2021-2027 in the field of climate change adaptation and environment protection. His interests include sustainable management systems for stormwater, green-blue infrastructure, and biodiversity. He is the author of the "Guide to preparing investments considering climate change mitigation and adaptation, as well as resilience to natural disasters (Climate Proofing of Investments)". Additionally, he serves as a Member of the Committee of Experts for the LIFE Instrument at the EC, the Expert Group for the Assessment of the Impact of Climate Change and Adaptation of Inland Transport to Climate Change at the UN ECE, and the Working Party on Climate Change (WPCC) at the OECD.

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