OECD COP28 Virtual Pavilion


Marc Spieler


Senior Managing Director


Marc Spieler is a seasoned executive in the technology and energy sectors, and currently the Senior Managing Director for the Global Energy Industry at NVIDIA. Since his appointment in July 2019, Marc has been instrumental in crafting and executing NVIDIA’s strategic direction across the energy sector, encompassing key areas such as oil and gas, renewables, power generation, and utilities. In his role at NVIDIA, Marc is responsible for leveraging the company's accelerated computing platforms to drive innovative applications in HPC, visualization, deep learning, data science, and artificial intelligence in all segments of energy with a focus on accelerating decision-making and optimizing outcomes for energy companies. Marc’s key responsibilities include spearheading business development initiatives, steering product innovation in collaboration with engineering, and leading targeted marketing strategies. He is pivotal in cultivating a diverse industry ecosystem, forging connections with influencers, system integrators, solution providers, startups, and established corporations, thus driving NVIDIA’s market expansion and revenue growth in the energy sector. Prior to joining NVIDIA, Marc spent 13 years at Halliburton, concluding as the Director of Corporate Development. In this capacity, he oversaw global acquisitions with significant transaction values, setting strategic direction, pinpointing synergies, and managing transitions post-merger. Notably, during his time at Halliburton, Marc also played a critical role in technology operations and strategic alliances for their software division. This included overseeing the company's software global R&D outsourcing across multiple countries and managing commercial and strategic technology alliances. His leadership in these areas was crucial in aligning technology operations with corporate strategy and expanding Halliburton's technological footprint through strategic partnerships and alliances. His career trajectory also includes key positions at Silicon Graphics, Inc. (SGI), where he excelled in business development, and customer and partner relationship management, contributing significantly to the company's revenue growth and market expansion.

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