OECD COP28 Virtual Pavilion

Scaling up climate action: The role of new green industrial policy approaches

Nov 23, 2023 | 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM


Recent years have seen a proliferation of new green industrial policy approaches to climate mitigation. These include mission-oriented innovation policies that combine technological and social innovations to support the development of new climate change solutions. Efforts have also been made to enhance and expand domestic clean manufacturing capacities and technology deployment as part of COVID-19 recovery packages and new “Green Deals”. Although such approaches have gained traction in some countries, key questions remain. For example, how to design these approaches without distorting markets and stifling competition in ways counter-productive to long-term green innovation? How can existing mission-oriented approaches be strengthened and expanded? Can strategic international collaboration around these approaches accelerate the development and deployment of clean technologies to meet the urgency of the climate challenge? This session will discuss these questions by exploring the role of mission-oriented innovation and green industrial policies in countries’ climate mitigation efforts and identify potential gaps or shortcomings in current approaches. It will also consider how the UNFCCC’s Mitigation Work Programme could provide a useful multilateral platform for countries to share lessons and best practices, showcase relevant initiatives in key sectors, and support more effective international collaboration to help accelerate mitigation efforts in this critical decade.

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