OECD COP26 Virtual Pavilion


Francisco Senra Rivero

Environment and Water Agency of Andalucía (AMAYA), Spain

Head of Area


Francisco Senra Rivero has worked in, and studied forest fire management, with a focus in suppression, prevention, mitigation, analysis, consulting and education activities for almost twenty-three years. He has covered positions ranging from wildfire crew boss to wildfire analyst, a position he helped to develop and promote. He was also the coordinator of the INFOCA Wildfire Analyst Unit. In 2018, the CILIFO project, INTERREG POCTEP 2014-2020 project started, with a 24 million Euro budget and a partnership with 18 different institutions- Portuguese and Spanish. Within the project, the public agency he works with helped to develop actions for an overall budget of 7.4 million Euros. He was the coordinator of Activity 4, research and innovation, and, from August 2020, took on the overall responsibility for the project in AMAYA. He is in charge of international projects within the Wildfire and Environmental Emergencies Sub-direction in AMAYA and supervises the INFOCA Wildfire Analysis Unit.

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