OECD COP26 Virtual Pavilion

The power of localising climate action

Nov 10, 2021 | 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM


The shift towards a climate-resilient and sustainable economy is increasingly driven by bottom-up initiatives led by local authorities, communities, citizens, consumers, workers and innovative enterprises. Today, many countries, regions and cities also recognise the benefits of local climate action and support initiatives led by local communities. Nevertheless, local communities continue to face obstacles and challenges that make them unable to realise their huge transformative potential. Civil society and local authorities should always be engaged in the development, implementation and monitoring of climate policies and strategies. Local climate action is where the leave-no-one-behind principle can be best applied, through offering equal chances to all those taking an active role as citizens, workers, members of associations and groupings. The partners of the Coalition on Multi-level and Multi-stakeholder Climate Governance (Comité21, Committee of the Regions, ECOLISE, EESC, ICLEI, OECD) have been making efforts to support collaborative local climate action, make it visible to the policy-makers and advocate for an enabling framework. The webinar will take stock of the most recent achievements and propose new avenues of accelerating climate action with local communities.

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