OECD COP26 Virtual Pavilion

Rural policies & climate change: Why are rural areas crucial to the green transition?

Nov 2, 2021 | 11:15 AM - 1:00 PM


Rural areas are crucial for the green transition. They cover around 80% of OECD countries’ territories and contain the natural resources and ecosystem services needed to sustain our lives. However, climate change makes these areas vulnerable. Join the Rural Policies & Climate Change: Why are rural areas crucial to the green transition? event on 2 November 2021 in the Nordic Pavilion (COP26) to learn more about the crucial contribution of rural regions in the transition to net-zero economies. The event is co-organised with Nordregio. The event will launch the OECD Rural Agenda for Climate Action, a political document calling for a stronger role of rural policies to contribute to climate change goals and drawing attention to much-needed policy action in six areas: (1) capacity-building; (2) evidence base; (3) renewable energy; (4) land-use and ecosystem services; (5) circular and bio-economy; and (6) decarbonising transport. The event will kick off with a high-level panel discussion, followed by expert round-tables presenting best practices from Nordic and other OECD countries in the fields of bio-economy and renewable energy. You can follow the event on-site or virtually via the OECD Virtual Pavilion or Nordregio streaming platform.

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