OECD COP26 Virtual Pavilion

Roundtable on High-Level Principles for Transition Finance

Nov 8, 2021 | 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM


Please note that this event will not be directly streamed on the OECD COP26 virtual pavilion. The Roundtable is organised as an invitation-only event, held under the Chatham House Rule. Should you be interested in attending the Roundtable, please reach out to CGFI@oecd.org. A replay of this event is also not available on the virtual pavilion. Successfully delivering the Paris Agreement requires a plurality of approaches to decarbonisation as well as sufficient and affordable financing. Decarbonisation necessitates not only upscaling industries and activities that are near-zero or low-carbon, but also supporting emission reduction efforts in high-emitting and hard-to-abate sectors. Multiple definitions of and approaches to transition finance are emerging at the national, regional and industry levels, shifting from a binary ‘green/non-green’ approach to include a wider range of sectors and actors. With discussions on transition finance still in their infancy, and an urgent need to accelerate emission reductions and associated finance, the proposed Roundtable aims to convene key governments and private sector stakeholders for strategic, action-oriented discussion on transition finance. The Roundtable will provide a platform for active exchange of ideas on how to bridge the differences in emerging approaches and build consensus on the possible shape and form of High-Level Principles on Transition Finance. Such Principles would facilitate inter-operability among different approaches, drive transparency in the market and facilitate capital flows. The proposed Roundtable supports key elements of the ‘Finance’ theme of the COP26 Presidency, offering an opportunity to make meaningful progress towards a common understanding and coherent actions on low-emission transition finance.

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