OECD International Conference - The Consumer Marketplace of the Future


Cathy Smith


Event Moderator and Master of Ceremonies


Cathy is an experienced event moderator and Master of Ceremonies, based in Brussels. She has joint British/Belgian nationality. She is a former Brussels-based news correspondent for both the BBC and Reuters GMTV and was a main presenter of Channel Four News and ITN World News in the UK. She also presented European Journal on DeutscheWelle TV. Her many years’ experience in front of a camera mean that virtual events are very much home territory! Cathy has moderated many virtual and hybrid events in the past 12 months including: International Product Safety Week 2020, EREA Awards Ceremony 2020, RTO Innovation Summit 2020, Society for Clinical Data Management conference, ACEA event, Pfizer Control Cancer Summit, EU Health Summit 2020 and more. She has moderated a number of events in the consumer field including the EU Consumer Summit and events for the European Retail Round Table and EuroCommerce.