OECD International Conference - The Consumer Marketplace of the Future


Kate Reader

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Joint General Manager of the Digital Platforms Branch


Kate shares the role of General Manager of the Australia Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC’s) Digital Platforms Branch and co-led the ACCC’s Digital Platforms Inquiry. This inquiry looked at the impact of social media platforms, search engines and other digital content aggregators on the media and advertising markets. Kate has previously been a Director of Merger Investigations, a Principal Lawyer and a Director of the Mobile and Consumer Engagement at the ACCC. Kate has worked across a number of significant issues including international mergers, NBN related matters, mobile roaming and gas and electricity matters. Prior to joining the ACCC, Kate was Principal Lawyer at the Australian Communication and Media Authority. She also worked in regulatory roles at Ofgem and the Office of Rail and Road in the United Kingdom. Kate has Bachelor degrees in Law and Commerce and a Graduate Diploma in EC Competition Law from Kings College London.