OECD Competition Open Day 2022


Thomas Cheng

University of Hong Kong

Associate Professor


Thomas Cheng is an Associate Professor at the University of Hong Kong - Faculty of Law. He has written extensively on competition law in developing countries and on the competition law of a number of Asian jurisdictions, including Hong Kong, China, and Japan. His research has appeared in respected specialist U.S. journals, including Chicago Journal of International Law, Berkeley Business Law Journal, Virginia Law & Business Review, and University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business Law, and in leading competition law journals such as Journal of Antitrust Enforcement and World Competition. In 2020, Thomas published Competition Law in Developing Countries, the first comprehensive monograph on the topic, with Oxford University Press and The Patent-Competition Interface in Developing Countries, with Oxford University Press in 2021. He was also appointed to the executive and advisory boards of a number of leading international competition law organizations such as the American Antitrust Institute and the Academic Society for Competition Law (“ASCOLA”).

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