OECD Competition Open Day 2022


Ania Thiemann


Competition Expert


Ania Thiemann is a Global Relations Manager and Competition Expert/Economist at the Competition Division of the OECD, where she leads the Competition Division's work on FinTech and Competition. She is currently managing a Competition Impact Assessment Review project in Iceland, in co-operation with the Icelandic Ministry of Industries and Innovation. In 2013, Ania led a ground-breaking project in Greece to unearth and analyse regulatory barriers on competition in four sectors of the Greek economy; and to estimate their impact on the Greek economy. Prior to that, Ania was Senior Economist and Project Manager in the Private Sector Development Division of the OECD, working in MENA. She was also Senior Economist with The Economist Group from November 2000-09. Ania has extensive experience in analysing political and economic developments in Western Europe and MENA. Her position included carrying out economic forecasting, business environment analysis, and country risk analysis, including sovereign, banking and currency risk. Ania is also a regular contributor to several economic publications and has significant experience as speaker/chair at major international conferences at the highest level.

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