OECD Competition Open Day 2022


Eliana Garces

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Economic Policy Director


Eliana Garces is an economist with a long experience in antitrust and regulatory policy. Over her career, Eliana has worked on the analysis of markets from a policy perspective with a focus on innovation and structural change. She is interested in the economic impact of new business models and the interaction between regulation and digital innovation. She is currently working on the company's response to various global regulatory initiatives. Over the years, Eliana has been a guest speaker on antitrust policy, behavioral economics, intellectual property rights, industrial policy and the digital economy in various settings such as the IDEI in Toulouse, Universidad de Barcelona, the VLB in Brussels, the University of Michigan, or Yale School of Management. Speaking engagements include Global Competition Review events, Chatham House, European Internet Forum, GSMA, the Beesley Lectures, and Fordham. She has experience attending multilateral global events representing her organization.

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