Inspiration, innovation and inclusion: Shaping our future with  the social and solidarity economy


Djémilah Hassani

ESS France outre-mer

International Strategy Expert for Social Economy


A natural impact connector and passionate about generating social economy cooperation in French overseas regions with their neighboring countries. Djémilah is using her strong ability to create spaces for communication and meaning to lead impactful business ideas, social economy ecosystem creation as well as a culture of collective co-creation. Her passionate drive has allowed her to be recognized in the Top 100 women in Social Enterprise in 2022 by Euclid Network. While very grateful for that recognition, she is always searching for new ways to empower other women and youth in the cooperation field more specifically between East Africa and French overseas regions (Mayotte and Reunion island) which is the area of her work. Women and youth are the most concerned by social economy in the Indian ocean even if they usually lack a supportive ecosystem. Djémilah sees social economy not only as a way to change the world but as a way to remain a global village on more collective and inclusive terms.