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Carmen Maeztu Villafranca

Navarra, Spain

Regional Minister for Social Rights


Born in Valtierra in 1962, she holds a diploma in social labor from the Basque Country University, and a Law degree from UNED. As a social worker in the "'Zona basica de Valtierra", from 1985 to 2001, she witnessed the direct implementation of various programs, and participated in the creation of community insertion programs. In 2001, she entered the department for social rights, where she evolved in different roles. Since 2015, she worked as Deputy Director of Valuation and Services of the Navarre Agency for the Autonomy and Development of People. In this role, she has been part of various national working groups on home help, the figure of personal assistants and care for people with severe mental disorder. She is a member of the Navarre Council on Disability and the Navarre Council for the Elderly and a member of the Spanish Association of Neuropsychiatry (AEN-OME) and the Navarre Association for the Defense of Public Health. In August 2019, she was appointed Regional Minister for Social Rights, at the proposal of the Socialist Party of Navarre (PSN).