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Neil Mcinroy

Democracy Collaborative

Global Lead for Community Wealth Building


Neil is an leading urban economic policy thinker, expert practitioner and organisational director. He is currently the Global Lead for Community Wealth Building at The Democracy Collaborative. Based in USA, TDC are a leading think, do and change tank, working to grow the democratic economy. Neil is also Part/Time Community Wealth Building Adviser, within the economic development directorate of the Scottish Government. For 20 years till 2021, Neil was the Chief Executive of the Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES)- the UK's national organisation for progressive local economies. Neil has been commissioned and has successfully collaborated with a range of international, regional and local agencies and government. His work on community wealth began over a decade ago, with the successful translation of ideas from the USA to UK, via the 'Preston Model'. From there, he has developed an action planning and implentation process. This leading edge framework is now the accepted model for the planning and delivery of CWB, and is being used and applied in cities across USA and globally. His base offices are in Glasgow, Scotland and Washington DC, USA. He lives in the rural Highlands of Scotland.