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Ricardo Rio

Braga, Portugal

Mayor of Braga and Champion Mayors for Inclusive Growth Initiative


Ricardo Rio has been the Mayor of Braga, the third largest city of Portugal, since 2013. He was first elected to public office in 2005 as a City Councilman and City Assemblyman of Braga Municipality. He was also President of the Social Democratic Party of Braga and a member of the Social Democratic Party’s National Political Committee. He is a leading politician in Portugal and is currently the President of Galicia-North of Portugal Euroregion, and the President of the Intermunicipality Community of Cavado. He is also a Member of the Committee of the Regions of European Union, the Daily Board of Global Parliament of Mayors and the Executive Committee of EUROCITIES. Prior to being elected, he had a career in the private sector and was the General Secretary of the Portuguese Association of Financial Analysts and the Director at Euronext Lisbon, a Capital Market Institute. He also worked as a consultant in business and governance with several leading Portuguese companies and public institutions.