2021 Blended Finance & Impact Week


COVID-19 has set back the SDGs goals considerably, with unprecedented impacts in developing economies. As a result, the development community is more than ever looking to mobilize private finance in order to scale up for building back better in the COVID-19 era. In its latest report, the Global Investors for Sustainable Development (GISD) highlights a broad range of proposals and in particular the key regulatory barriers that need to be alleviated to allow the private finance sector and public sector to collaborate more effectively to unlock greater investments for the SDGs. This session will discuss some of the key recommendations underlined in the report and focuses in particular on the need to increase investment flows in developing countries to achieve the SDGs. Two fireside chats discussions will also be held to dig deeper into some of the regulatory constraints affecting pension funds and insurance companies as well as limiting the growth of SDG bond issuance in developing countries. Moderator: Robert Patalano, Acting Head of Division, Directorate for Financial Affairs, OECD Closing remarks: Navid Hanif, Director of Financing for Sustainable Development Office, United Nations (UN)