Artificial Intelligence in Work, Innovation, Productivity and Skills Conference 2023


Nuala Polo


Policy Advisor


Nuala Polo is a Policy Advisor at the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation (CDEI) working in the AI Assurance team. Her work focuses on exploring the role of tools for trustworthy AI, like assurance techniques and standards, to manage risks, build trust, and support AI governance. She was the lead author of the CDEI's Industry Temperature Check report, which identified industry barriers to engaging with tools for trustworthy AI in the HR & recruitment, finance, and connected and automated vehicle (CAV) sectors. Nuala holds an MSc Cognition in Science and Society from the University of Edinburgh, with a focus on AI Ethics, and BA Combined Honours in History of Science & Technology and Philosophy with a minor in Mathematics from the University of King’s College. Prior to her role at CDEI, Nuala worked as a consultant for an AI Ethics consultancy firm, and led dissemination and communication activities for Horizon-2020 funded research projects focused on the ethical implications of disruptive and emerging technologies, including SHERPA and TECHETHOS.