Artificial Intelligence in Work, Innovation, Productivity and Skills Conference 2023


Lee Glazier


Head of Service Integrity


Lee is a member of the EU ASD AI Experts Group, and helps lead the continual development of the Artificial Intelligence Vision at Rolls-Royce to enable tangible business value. He also created the Rolls-Royce process and framework for Governing Data and AI Ethics and Trustworthiness - collaborating with HR, Ethics, Data Scientists, Manufacturing and the Trades Unions. This is released publicly under Creative Commons Licence as the Aletheia Framework™ which also includes a tool for identifying, assessing and mitigating AI Bias. He developed this further to a complete assurance process for safety critical AI. He also understands the value stream associated with extracting the value out of big data, digital integration across the complete life-cycle and the digital twin. Lee has experienced the challenge of being in the middle of transforming businesses into the cloud - with all the necessary protection to ensure compliance with regulations (e.g. export control, GDPR etc), and balancing innovation and ethics integrity. Lee sits in the Rolls-Royce Digital team helping digital project teams navigate a compliant route through regulations, legislation, policies and ethics. He frequently presents to, and meets with, government officials and regulators regarding the development of digital and AI governance.