Artificial Intelligence in Work, Innovation, Productivity and Skills Conference 2023


Sonam Jindal

Partnership on AI

Program Lead


Sonam Jindal is a Program Lead at the Partnership on AI. She is leading PAI’s Responsible Sourcing Across the Data Supply Line workstream. As AI is increasingly being used in a number of critical contexts, Sonam is interested in creating greater transparency over how AI is being developed and its relationship with complex, sociotechnical systems. She is particularly interested in deepening our understanding of how data supply chains fueling AI are impacting the global economy, labor relations, inequality, and knowledge stratification. Most recently, Sonam was a Product Manager at Apixio, a healthcare AI company. Prior to that, she worked at Tesla and Health2047. She has also worked on various political campaigns in North Carolina and California and is passionate about connecting with people over shared stories. Sonam holds a B.A. in Economics from The University of Chicago. While there, she conducted sociology research and worked with various Chicago startups.