2022-11 JAPAN - Conducting Financial Investigations (Foundation)


Ralf Oberle

Finanzamt Freiburg-Stadt (Tax Audit Unit)

Head of Unit


Ralf Oberle is since 2013 an instructor within the OECD International Academy for Tax and Financial Crime Investigation. In this role Ralf brings with him over 26 years of civil and criminal investigation experience working with the German tax administration. During this time period Ralf was working with Europol in The Hague in large transnational VAT Fraud cases. Additionally he was allocated to several Working Groups within the Federal Ministry of Finances in Berlin for implementing laws. Ralf supported the foundation of the Academies in Italy, Kenya, Argentina, and Japan with his extensive knowledge in relation to financial crimes, major case management, money laundering, international co-operation, interagency co-operation, investigative techniques and latest with cash-economy related crimes. He was involved in the development of training programmes and their delivery.