2022-03 ARGENTINA - Investigative Techniques for the Cash Economy (Specialty)


Eduardo Eugenio Blanco Alvarez

Public Prosecutor's Office / Ministerio Público Fiscal

Auditor Accountant


Certified Public Accountant, Postgraduate in International Anti-Corruption Rules from the Catholic University of Argentina. Expert in patrimonial, financial and economic investigations related to fraud against the State, corruption, illicit enrichment, evasion, smuggling, human trafficking, drug trafficking, kidnapping and money laundering. Auditor Accountant of the Prosecutor's Office of Trafficking and Exploitation of Persons of the Public Prosecutor's Office. Previously he was Head of the Fiscal Investigations Division, of the Customs Police Department, and of the General Inspection and Dangerous Drugs Department of the AFIP; Investigator, Expert and Senior Analyst of Transparency Policies of the Anticorruption Office; and Director of the Accounting Corps of the Office of the Prosecutor’s Office for Administrative Investigations. He worked for the United Nations as Head of the Financial Analysis Unit and Deputy of the Investigations and Litigation Unit of the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala.