2022-01 Kenya - Investigative Techniques for the Cash Economy


Michael Donegan

National Crime Agency

Senior Officer


Michael's career as an investigator has covered a broad spectrum of criminality. As a result, he has been able to build a skillset which incorporates perspectives from many subject areas. In particular Michael has discovered a great passion for learning about the mechanics and applications of cryptocurrency. This has involved both academic work and self-study into the subject. All of this has been incorporated into his extensive experience of leading criminal investigations featuring cryptocurrency. This wealth of experience has put Michael in a core training position within UK law enforcement in relation to cryptocurrencies and digital crime. In this role he has prepared and delivered training to law enforcement colleagues across the United Kingdom. Since 2020 Michael have had the privilege of extending this to international colleagues via the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Further to this he works voluntarily as an associate lecturer with the University of Derby, delivering lectures on digital crime for their students.

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