2022-01 Kenya - Investigative Techniques for the Cash Economy


Carsten Oxenbøll

Danish Tax and Customs Administation

Chief Adviser


Carsten Oxenboll has an education as tax auditor, and has a Master’s degree in tax and auditing. He works as a Chief Adviser and project manager in the segment "special groups”. Carsten has been involved during the last 15 years in cases in economic crime, mainly in the segment white collar crimes. He worked on the three largest criminal tax cases in Denmark (from start-up of the cases to the preparation of prosecution request), primarily with the State Prosecutor of International and Economic Crime (SØIK) where he has several times been stationed and participated in the investigation of these cases. Carsten was the first in SKAT, who began working with personal / behavioral profiles in relation to the WCC and how behavior leaves its traces in relation to the tax and the outside world (annual reports, etc.).

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