2021 Forum on responsible mineral supply chains

REGISTER: Implementing ESG Due Diligence and Transparency in Extractive Commodity Trading

Apr 29, 2021 | 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM

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by Responsible Mining Foundation (RMF) In a first attempt to measure implementation of existing trading-relevant guidance on due diligence and responsible business conduct (e.g. from OECD, EITI, UNGP, Swiss government, and LBMA), RMF conducted a pilot study to assess ESG due diligence and transparency policies and practices among a sample of 25 companies that have significant activities in the trade of oil, gas, metals or minerals. In this session RMF will briefly present the results and learnings of this report; to provide an initial sectorial baseline, highlighting gaps and good practices seen across the industry. The session will then be open for discussion, with a panel of speakers representing different stakeholder groups commenting on the progress and the challenges of implementation of ESG standards and norms for extractive commodity trading companies. Please register in advance to attend this session: www.event.extractivecommoditytrading.org For more information on this session, please contact contact@responsibleminingfoundation.org