2021 Forum on responsible mineral supply chains

REGISTER: Blockchain Adoption for Gold Supply Chain Integrity: Hear from Industry Actors on the Value Add, and Practical Benefits and Challenges of Blockchain Technology

Apr 29, 2021 | 1:00 PM - 2:15 PM

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By Responsible Gold Blockchain delivers unprecedented visibility into a supply chain, enabling upstream participants to efficiently provide assurances of provenance, secure chain of custody, and responsible mining practices, while downstream participants are better able to manage responsible sourcing risks without the need for de-risking jurisdictions or sources, and benefit from increased product differentiation. With increasing pressure for supply chain transparency and integrity, from consumers, regulators, NGOs, and investors, these technologies are seemingly the panacea to addressing pressing challenges in the precious metals sector. Responsible Gold brings together industry actors from across the precious metals value chain with firsthand experience of blockchain. Panelists discuss the need for technology solutions for supply chain integrity, their decision-making process for technology adoption, the challenges they’ve faces, and the measures required for large scale adoption. For more information, please contact nirali.shah@emergenttech.com, see www.responsiblegold.com