2021 Forum on responsible mineral supply chains

REGISTER: Practical measures to boost sustainability in supply chains

Apr 29, 2021 | 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM

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by CERA 4in1 – Certification of Raw Materials There are many indicators, which define the sustainability in mineral supply chains, and huge efforts have been made to define these indicators. Today, their practical implementation is coming more and more into focus. Not only aspects such as the certification of large-scale mining performance, formalization of ASM sector, traceability of commodities, ensuring responsibility in mine planning or labelling the product for end users to indicate its responsible supply chain are crucial to defining sustainability. Circular economy to reduce CO2 emission, strengthen supply independency and reduce waste through valorisation of mining waste, recovery of valuable and critical metals, the (re)use of secondary resources or through the recycling of materials also plays a major role in today’s sustainable mineral supply chains. All of these aspects support social and environmental safety as well as, more importantly, the engagement with civil society to maintain the social licence to operate. For more information on this session, please contact (Knut.Hirsch@dmt-group.com).