Building Sustainable, Resilient and Thriving Rural Places


Cecilia Matilde LÓPEZ MONTAÑO


Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development


Cecilia López Montaño was born in Bogota and grew up in Barranquilla. She is an economist from the Andes University and has postgraduate studies in Demography and Economics of Education at the Center for Educational Studies of Mexico. During her professional life she received the Cross of Boyacá, the highest decoration granted by the National Government to its citizens for their service to the country. • In 1978 she worked as Head of the Social Studies Unit of the National Department Planning. • In 1981 she became director of the Financial Fund for Development Projects (FONADE) where she promoted regional autonomy and decentralization. • In 1982-1985 she was Deputy Minister of Agriculture. • In 1985-1988 she was Ambassador of Colombia in the Netherlands. • In 1988-1990 she was Director of PREALC, ILO, United Nations • In 1990-1992 she was Director of Social Security where she advanced the campaign against corruption. • In 1994-1996 she was Minister of the Environment. • In 1997-1998 she was Director of the National Department Planning. • In 1998-2006 she was International Consultant in the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) in rural poverty, and UNIFEM. • In 2002-2006 she was President of Fundación Agenda Colombia, (2002-2006) • In 2006-2010 she was Senator of the Republic.

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